Versatile Outdoor Advertising

Pavement signs are versatile outdoor advertising tools that can be strategically placed on sidewalks or near entrances to capture the attention of passersby. They serve as an effective means to communicate messages, promotions, or important information about a business. Their portability and ease of placement make them an ideal choice for businesses looking to extend their advertising reach beyond traditional storefront signage.

Double-Sided Visibility

One of the notable features of pavement signs is their double-sided visibility. Most designs feature two display surfaces, allowing businesses to showcase their messages to both pedestrians approaching from different directions. This increases the exposure and impact of the signage, making it more likely that individuals walking on either side of the sign will notice the displayed information.

Variety of Styles and Materials

Pavement signs come in various styles and materials to suit different needs and preferences. Common types include A-frame signs, swinging signs, chalkboard signs, and water-filled base signs. Materials used for construction range from metal and wood to plastic and chalkboard surfaces. The diversity in styles and materials allows businesses to choose pavement signs that align with their brand image and the surrounding environment.


  • Available in two sizes, A0 and A1
  • Base capacity; A1 – 26 litres and A0 – 50 litres

Poster A Boards

  • Available in A0, A1 and A2 size
  • 32mm wide aluminium snapframe

Poster Swing A Board

  • A2 Poster Size
  • Sign with magnetic poster pocket

Classic Swing Sign

  • Graphic area 750 x 500mm

Sign Wedge

  • Budget pavement sign
  • Graphic area 740 x 410mm

Aquabase Prime Sign

  • Robust frame and water fillable base give great stability even in adverse weather conditions
  • Graphic area 990mm x 640mm